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Welcome to the uastechi-teachers' wiki!

In this wiki, you will find resources to support you in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) integrated pedagogy, so as to make teaching and learning more interactive and rewarding for you and your students.

The purpose of integrating ICT in teaching is not to do the same things differently, but to be able to do things that were not possible to be done before.

Before you begin, don't forget that no IT tool can replace a warm and friendly teacher- that is you- you are no doubt very special!! However, it is equally important to remember that while it is true that technology cannot replace a teacher, it is also true that a teacher who does not use technology may soon be replaced by the one who uses technology...for technology integration is imperative in classroom filled with digital natives!!

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ICT and Curriculum Integration Coordinator

SMART Certified Trainer and SMART Exemplary Educator,
Independent Consultant for Concept based Instruction

Universal American School, Dubai.

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“It’s philosophy, not technology, that is going to make a difference in your classroom"

The purpose of this wiki is to support UAS teachers in ICT integrated teaching and learning.The material available in this site are resources gathered from various workshops, professional development training and on-line resources contributed by teachers world over. Please feel free to use them in your classroom after acknowledging their valuable contribution. Using/distribution for commercial purposes will be infringement of copyright and intellectual property rights.